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With some ideas and nice models in mind we are working for a plan on how to proceed with the relocation of Ariha in a affordable, minimalistic and sustainable way. Sustainability means to us that not only the impact on the climate must be up to zero, but also that the solution has to be affordable and reproducible by any inhabitant. As we now start to think that there will be no final solution as the climate zone shift keeps increasing and there is no end to see, we are now working on a set of intermediate solutions that in their flexibility and fragmentarity could become the new way of thinking of a final solution.




As a result of our research and work with our associates we consider mobile structures as an intermediate solution to react to the ongoing vegetation border shift until we could find a final relocation site. However as the vegetational migration increased and small scale voluntary relocation within Ariha already is under way we are now working on developing mobile systems that could endure intermediate states and eventually encompass the entire town structure.



Until a solution is found we are working on using the existing structures to it's full capacities. Besides reforming old structures we reorganize existing houses to accommodate more people in one structure.



We are now working on a classical but never old form of mobile house to develop a kind of 21st century trailer park.
This form of living, that has formed entire villages during 20th century could be enhanced to a modular multi element structure, connecting houses with a modular infrastructure. The houses could therefor proceed on their own according to their needs. To make the village system complete the houses must be connected by a modular infrastructural system.


Mobile houses can only be fully mobile if they are connected by a likewise mobile and flexible infrastructure. We are now working on modular solutions to connect mobile units.

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