Destination sites


Finding a new home

In cooperation with the district government and the backup of associated projects we are trying to identify sites which could serve as a future location of Ariha. Naturally the site is to display certain features that we decided on among Arihans and our associates. Every site needs to be comprehensively evaluated before conrete plans could be decided.


As different as we Arihans are in terms of research field or nationality we all share an interest of staying in proximity of the National park. Therefor we are trying to stay as close to the park as possible, ideally within an area of 15 km.


The first site was introduced to us by the district government. Its is a small glade in a dell between Gedsamania and Nebodziri and with a total of 400 acres available to our use. The proximity to the National Park seemed very attractive to us, however the situation between the two settlements and two public highways does not provide an ideal setting. The prospects for the coming years indicate a growth of the eco-tourism sector, with wealth and growth coming to the area. It is expected that the infrastructure will be adjusted to meet the industry's needs with the settlements growing bigger and streets becoming busier. A second but more important point is the small size of the glade which means we would have to clear parts of the forest to resettle there. As the access to the glade is not developed yet a street would have to be build as well, meaning a further threat to the environment.


The second site was introduced to us by locals. It is at the feed of a ridge, close to the river Sulori and forming an open and accessible area. On a first inquiry the district government confirmed the land to be available and did not express any concerns against research on the site. However first researches already found 5 endemic species in the area, with 3 of them listed as endangered. Crucial was the discovery of populations of wild type forms of Allium sativum and Zea mays that ultimately led us to giving up the site.

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