Taro Island Relocation

Pacific island capital relocation

A small town on Taro Island — the capital of Choiseul Province in the Solomon Islands — is planning to relocate its entire population in response to climate change, Reuters reports. It's the first time that a provincial capital in the Pacific Islands will have done so.

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Photo: IUCNweb/Manuai Matawai

Main Idea

Choiseul, a township of around 1,000 people on Taro Island, a coral atoll in Choiseul Bay, is less than two meters (6.6 feet) above sea level. Its vulnerability to storm surges and tsunamis caused by earthquakes is expected to be compounded in the future by rising seas. Aware of these risks, communities in Choiseul Bay consulted a team of engineers, scientists and planners, funded by the Australian government, on how best to adapt to the impact of climate change.It was decided they would take disaster prevention measures in the short term but also build a new town on an adjacent mainland where the population will be moved in stages.

The Choiseul project is the first time that a provincial capital with all its services and facilities will be relocated in the Pacific Islands.

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  • Another example of failed relocation. Especially this case would have been perfect for a mobile solution.

    Akino on September 3rd, 2014
  • Check out the floating school. I will upload info tomorrow.

    Mehdi on September 18th, 2014

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